Top 5 Blackjack Secrets Every Gambler Should Know

Blackjack is a table game easy to understand and play. It offers some of the the best odds. (Casinos) ( canada-online-casino ) know more than disclosing every game detail to its players. Therefore, when playing blackjack, you need every available game strategy. It doesn’t hurt to at least check out even the old gems and separate fact from fiction.

1. Blackjack games are not made equally

Every blackjack game is different from the other in graphics design, game features and rules. The difference in rules may seem insignificant but it has a huge effect on your bottom line. For example, some tables require a dealer to hit soft 17. In others, the dealer stands on either hard or soft 17.

  • The number of decks in use (the fewer the better)
  • Payouts of 3 to 2 are way better than 6 to 5 payouts on blackjack

In the above example, if the dealer hits a soft 17, 0.21% is added to the house edge. In blackjack, the house edge normally revolves around 0.5% if you employ a perfect game strategy. This may change depending on the variations in rules. However, if the house edge is high, expect to lose more money.

2. Counting cards is easier than you think

Most casinos hate card counter because its an easy and effective technique. Counting cards can flip the house edge of 0.5% to 1%, to a 0.5% or 1% player edge. This is the actual difference between the rate of winning or losing per hour. Most casinos will try as much as they can to hide this from payers.

With basic mathematical skills, you can count the cards and increase your odds. You do that by adding a 1 value to all the low cards, and subtract 1 value in the high cards. If a low card is dealt, the ratio increases, and if a high card is dealt, the ratio decreases.

3. The basic strategy on its own is not enough

It is a common believe that the basic strategy raises your winning chances. While this may be true, the strategy will do you no good if you do not integrate it with some skills. As the strategy dictates, you should know when to split, surrender, hit or stand. Casinos would love it when you stay blind on this.

  • Hit or Stand
  • Surrender
  • Split

As mentioned earlier, the house edge in blackjack is roughly 0.5%. However, if you do not use the basic strategy perfectly, the house edge increases. This normally happens to new players, who are playing blackjack for the first time. Basically, the strategy on its own will not work. You have to blend it with your game skills.

4. Do not rely on the dealers' advice

Dealers do not give reliable advice on strategies to use, or at least not always. There is a common believe from dealers that one player can screw up every other player’s chances of winning by making bad decisions. In real sense, this is wrong. Your edge is not affected by the decision of other players.

The likelihood of a dealer misleading you is high. Remember their work is to entertain you and make money for the casino. Therefore, you can safely ignore their advice and that of other players. There are plenty of books and articles where you can learn how to play and win a blackjack game.

5. Winning chances only change with the cards

As cards are played out, the outcome possibilities change. If a high card appears early in the shuffle, the chances of getting a new face card reduce with each round of play. However, in some cases, the chances are also affected by the number of players who join or leave your table.

  • Low cards (2, 3, 4,5 or 6)
  • High cards - aces and 10s

Blackjack is a popular table game in both online and land-based casinos it easy to learn and play, and the winning chances are high. Knowing the game secrets will increase the chances even more. However, the casino always has an advantage. No matter what approach or strategy you use, the casino must make profit.